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Accommodation- The Hotel and 1910s Manor House Hotel

Everyone can rest and relax in a cossy athmosphere of the palace and the nature there away

from urban areas. We`ll do our best to satisfy your most sofisticated needs. There are able to

accommodate 80 guests.

The Hotel

There are 16 rooms: single, double and triple, each cossy and comfy with an individual

bathroom. You can find a different athmosphere and art deco as each room has been

decorated in individual style.

There is wi-fi available free at the premises.


1910s The Manor House Hotel

There are suite type rooms in 1910s Manor House Hotel. Families, children or teenagers groups

as well as different integration groups are more than welcome. Double, triple,quad, five-bed

rooms are available each with an individual bathroom.

Accommodation prices per person:

Hotel: from 60zl

1910s The Manor House Hotel : suit 40zl

Additional informations:

Meals available : breakfast 15zl, dinner from 25zl, super 15zl

Room`s check in from 2pm. Room`s check out till 12.oo am

There is free safe ,fenced parking operating day and night.