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About Mlodzikowo village

Mlodzikowo is considered as one of the oldest estates in Greater Poland. It was established

in 1136 by a nobel Kmiec Mlodzik. It is placed on the right embankment of the Varta River on

the south-east from Zaniemysl (Srem local administration in Greater Poland). This is where our

agrotouristic farm is located . Mlodzikowo village prides itself with its touristic and splendid

view characteristics.

The area around the village itself meets its agriculture standards. That means the natural

country pictures and its vergin environment from the ecological standards. This is where one

can recharge his/her battery. The perfect silence and unspoilt fresh air is the main attitude of


Let`s admire Mlodzikowo in camera`s focus.


It`s a perfect place for horse riding fans. The Landlords have bread and planted horses, organise

horse jumping, dressing,chariots, carriaging tournaments . The Landlords have also been

rewarded on many occassions, for example on Polagra Exhibition due to The Nationa lAnimal

Husbandry Exhibition. There are many other achievements in this field such as The Best Owner

of Fiord Horse Plantation rewarded by The Greater Poland Horse Riding Society.

Our farm offers perfect conditions not only for the fans of horse riding but also for the horses

themselves. This is a place where everyone can experience his/her best lifetime horseriding

holiday. The animals are provided with all included professional services.

Also the amators can take the advantage of the professionals and take horse riding lessons.

There are many more services that our farm can offer . There are picnics, sledge or carriage and

chariots rides associated with a bone fire in a real countyside environment. One can also try its

first carriaging lesson. Mlodzikowo`s nature promotes not only country riding but also Nordic

Walking, cycling and mountainbiking. Some that need to endulge in silence can enjoy fishing.

Mlodzikowo Farm provides good food, warm athmosphere, and very competitive prices.