Our offer

Our offer

Fiord`s Stud Mlodzikowo is located in the most charming area of the Varta`s embankment

woods and middows. Its wonderful landscapes and splendid horse riding conditions encourage

horses` fans.

Our offer is addressed not only to ambitious and advanced horse riding fans but also to the

ones that just feel like sttarting their riding adventure. That is why our instructors aim at both:

teaching horse riding as well as making the beginners sensitive to horses` needs.

Our stud provides wide range of horses` types and temperaments for diffrent horse riders`

abilities. There are shetland , sport ponies, fiords, polish and the greater poland horses. We also

offer „ pure” and „half breed” horses, „English breed” as well as „Littlepoland” type. Some of our

horses took part in local jumping tournaments.

All horse riding events are carried out under instructors` supervision. The beginners are

offered „a lunge” but the more advanced could enjoy „a manege” as well as crosscountry ride.

We usually offer an individul or in small groups manege lessons. We also offer individual

lessons that master communication skills between a horse and a rider. We propose parcour for

more advanced and ambitious ones. Winter or other unconvenient weather cases rides are

offered in the large riding hall.

We invite the youngest riders for a supervised walk on a pony.