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Places worth seeing around Mlodzikowo

Środa Wielkopolska

Down Town and its histirical houses is considered as the heart of the town. There is a Gothic

Parish Church from the beginning of XVth century. Next, The general Jan Henryk Dabrowski`s

monument, founded due to 200th anniversary of Dabrowski`s Mazurek in 1997, gains

everybody`s attention . It is worth inquiring about other monuments , cycling tours or Sredzkie


Grodziszczko- The old Polish Country settlement. There are some remains , for example

wooden-earth dike, tenth centure foundation and paladium, The Roman`s Temple between

tenth and eleventh century. The Archeological Reserve i s also located there. In the very

center of Grodziszczko village there is The wooden Church of John Baptist`s and Saint Mary`s



The village is located West from Środa Wielkopolska on the way to Poznan. There is a larch

manor house raised by Jozef Zablocki in XVIII century. The Museum of Srem Area in presently

located there.


Although the town is not in its close location, it is in its neighbourhood, and its worth visiting due

to its many touristic attractions. Many escavation works were conducted that indicate the first

polish settlements. The oldest proves come from the fifth century BC, however the very first

notes originates the XII century. The middle age foundation „Kornik Castle” is famous for „The

White Lady”. Kornik`s Down Town and The Old Square are to be seen as well. TheArboretum is

regarded as one of the biggest dendrological parks in the Middle Europe. It prides itself on three

thousand different tree species and varietes.

Nowe Miasto on the Varta River is very fortunately located in the vally of the Varta River

next to Double Carriageway S11. The Nowe Miasto Borough is attractive from its natural and

touristic point of view. Its Eastern part together with fauna reservuar „Debno” creates Zerkowo-
Czeszewski landscape park.

North-west from the Old Town on the embankment of the Varta River there is tricept Parish

Church from XVth century. Another gothic church of „Saint Vergin Mary” from 1444-1947 gains

everyone`s attention in Debno. The Clacissism Chapel and the XIXth century parish is next to

the church. Two- kilometers- distance from Nowe Miasto there is another touristic attraction

from the XIXcentury Kleka. It used to be owned by antipolish society establisher-Herman

Kennemann. He raised there neorenessance Palace in 70s of the XIX century.

Winna Gora

It lies East from Środa Wielkopolska. This is where coestablisher of Polish Legions in Italy, the

general Jan Henryk Dabrowski used to live .He received Winna Gora from the Napoleon in 1807.

The regular exhibition about the General can be seen in the Palace. Another attraction worth

seeing is the baroque church of Saint Michael from 1766.


The history of Zaniemysl originates XIII century. It has been associated with Edward Raczynski

since XIX century. „Saint Wawrzyniec `s” Neogothic Church, for example , is one of the main

Zaniemysl`s attraction with „Saint Wawrzyn`s” late baroque stone statue . The grave of the

great science and art promotor Edward Raczynski is next. The bronze statue of” the Godess

Higei” is placed on the grave of Edward Raczynski.The Island on Raczynski Lake is the next

landscape worth seeing with its swiss style house. Still operating railing from the XXth century

could be next touristic destination.